thrustPicture 3untitled silver cloudOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Communing with nature reveals the spirituality of simple things – of place and time, existence and imagination. It teaches the appreciation of sunrises and the sound of water and waves. Experiencing these fluid movements and witnessing the flux of nature provides a visual vocabulary I express in natural stone.
Focusing on hewing raw stone and transforming rough surfaces into fluid feelings gives the block an expression of its own. I stay attentive to the rock’s formative nature as I progress through the stages of a carving but I also project onto its surface external forces which destroy it. In the end, the work looks light and soft which contradicts its solidity. The more it’s broken down, the more it grows with every strike of the mallet. The stone never ceases being what it is through the creation of the object; it forever betrays itself. The viewer is continually challenged to simultaneously see the stone and the subject as they are.
Painting, printmaking and drawing are additive means and mediums used in exploring concepts and thematic series’ which complement the subtractive nature of stone carving, like the eternal return in the cycle of nature. Through concrete experiences and disciplines, I draw my artistic conclusions, solidifying my recorded moments, dreams and emotions in the chosen medium, whether hard or soft.